Our Values

Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. offers over 30 years’ experience within the industry. Tonio Burgos spent 20 years in a public service career before he founded Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc.

Our Approach

Now more than ever, the ability to anticipate opportunities and evaluate risks is essential. Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. will implement an effective government relations strategy as an integral part of your business plan.

Our Success

Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. offers services to clients in a large variety of sectors.Our team offers extensive experience and understanding of public policy and the political process.

A Lobbying & Strategic Planning Firm

With over 30 years’ experience, Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. is a leading strategic planning and lobbying firm that builds results-driven solutions for private and public sector clients. Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. achieves success for our clients across a broad array of sectors, including Homeland Security, Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, Labor, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, Economic Development, Technology, Tourism, Financial Services, Insurance and Real Estate.


Strategic Planning

A changing industry climate or a company reassessment often calls for a major strategic shift, or even an adjustment in responding to economic trends and evolving market realities.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

We respond with confidence and speed to various issues and crises. We also leverage our extensive community and leadership contacts for clients to help manage their issues quickly and efficiently.


Lobbying & Legislative Affairs

It’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable partner on your side, whether you’re a not-for-profit organization that is seeking public funding or a corporate entity looking for assistance to work with the government on policy initiatives and project opportunities.


Public Affairs

Building public support is vital in achieving your goals. We work extensively with our clients to understand and assess local sentiments, as well as guide them through the process of engaging community leaders, government officials and decision makers.

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