Movement from McConnell? Maybe Next Month

“In the next month or so we’ll be talking about possibly another bill.” Those words were spoken by none other than Mitch McConnell, the latest sign that Senate Republicans expect to get some new form of coronavirus relief passed. Given that several Sen...

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House to Consider Further Changes to PPP

The House is set to vote on two bills from Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips this week, both of which would affect changes to the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The first, HR 6782, would require the SBA to issue reports on entities that h...

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Modifications to PPP on Hold

Despite garnering support from Senate Republicans, the Senate put off action on a bipartisan proposal to extend the small-business Paycheck Protection Program and make other changes to the initiative before leaving yesterday for a week long recess. Some senat...

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It was announced today that the House is not expected to meet prior to May 4th, an additional two weeks from the April 20th date that had previously been floated.

Meanwhile, a one-minute-long pro forma session of the Senate ended with neither party attempting to bring up their competing legis...

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer today released a statement following yesterday’s Senate small business aid program impasse. Senator Schumer stated that he “had a constructive call with Secretary Mnuchin this morning during which [Mnuchin] agreed to pursue bipartisan talks with the leade...

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