Now more than ever, the ability to anticipate opportunities and evaluate risks is an essential part of any successful business enterprise. Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. will devise and implement an effective government relations strategy as an integral part of your business plan, whether in pursuit of potential marketplace expansion, new growth opportunities, or in response to the uncertainty of economic trends and the reality of an ever-changing political climate.

Because Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. is a uniquely focused regional lobbying firm in the Northeast with a visible presence in New York City, Albany, Trenton and Washington D.C., our clients have access to a broad spectrum of services:

  • Government relations assistance
  • Business development expertise
  • Public affairs advice

A Team Approach Sets Us Apart

Our team offers extensive experience and understanding of public policy and the political process. As part of our approach, Tonio Burgos and Associates is dedicated to understanding the client’s business such as procurement, strategic planning, and finding opportunities to partner. As a minority owned business, certified by multiple jurisdictions, we offer a different and unique perspective on opportunities in government contracting.

For more information on our approach, please contact us today.